Dear readers,

The 2015 General Meeting of the FCI once again placed its trust in me by re-electing me as President of the most important canine organisation in the world, an honour which I appreciate enormously!

I remain fully committed to working hard via our basic principles. Now, more than ever, I promise to defend the rights of our dogs and their owners, to watch over their health and to raise awareness worldwide of what a healthy dog means to society, and I feel sure that all of you will help me in this work.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
Fci Euro sighthound weekend

Fci Euro sighthound weekend

2015 European Dog Show

2015 - European Dog Show

European Cup - Sighthounds Races – 5-6/9/2015 in Hünstetten (Germany)

Windhund-Rennen FCI-Europameisterschaft