Dear readers,

The 2015 General Meeting of the FCI once again placed its trust in me by re-electing me as President of the most important canine organisation in the world, an honour which I appreciate enormously!

I remain fully committed to working hard via our basic principles. Now, more than ever, I promise to defend the rights of our dogs and their owners, to watch over their health and to raise awareness worldwide of what a healthy dog means to society, and I feel sure that all of you will help me in this work.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
ENCI and LEGAMBIENTE signed partnership on the occasion of the WDS 2015 in Milan:
A project focusing on the extraordinary man-and-dog bond

On June 11th, 2015 ENCI (represented by President, Mr Dino Muto) and LEGAMBIENTE (represented by National Vice-director, Mr Andrea Poggio and Member of the National Board, Mr Antonino Morabito) signed a partnership aiming at working towards the improvement of the relationship between man and nature and, in particular, between humans and pets. The goal is also to foster a new attitude about dogs’ daily life in urban and rural environment and to heighten the awareness of the local institutions.

“ENCI is taking positive steps to spread the culture of respect for our four-legged friends, among specialists and experts in the canine sector, as well as among fans and young people” said Dino Muto, focusing on animal welfare and on the quality of the friendship between man and dog.

“Man’s best friend, given to us from nature, has always been a great help for human life” said Antonino Morabito. “Today, in a society with less opportunities for a daily contact with nature, the dog is the best fellow to remind us of the great responsibility we have in preserving our planet for present and future generations.

Good luck and long live this partnership, to enhance the work of those who dedicate energy and love by undertaking a fundamental commitment to society and nature!